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Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better

Oct 23, 2019

Brandon chats with Bobby Plagmann (Local UltraMarathon Runner) about his transformation with running, effective running tips and tricks for optimizing performance,and much more!

 Resources Mentioned

Oct 12, 2019

Brandon chats with Dr. Mary Caldwell (Sports Medicine Physician with VCU Health) about an overview of concussion discussing what exactly a concussion is, classifications and screenings, signs and symptoms, red flags, risk factors, prognosis, medical management, and much more!


Oct 8, 2019


Brandon chats with Meredith, Holly, & Hannah about an overview of Lymphedema discussing basic physiology of the condition, types of lymphedema, risk factors, treatment methods, compression garments, and important considerations for patients/caregivers.

Further Resources

Klose Training 

National Lymphedema Network

Oct 5, 2019

Brandon chats with David Love (Physical Therapist and Owner of In Touch Therapy in South Hill, VA) about an overview of spinal thrust manipulation talking about what is happening when a joint is popped, does the pop matter or not, debunking common myths about manipulation, who tends to respond best to manipulation,...

Oct 4, 2019

Lucero chats with Amirah Muhammad (Athletic Trainer at Bluestone High School) about an overview of the field of athletic training. They also discuss the common sports injuries in high school athletes, helpful strategies for the athletes as well as the coaches and parents, and much more!



Bluestone High School