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Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better

Jul 23, 2020

Brandon chats with Dr. Danielle Vaughan (Physical Therapist in North Carolina with Vestibular and Pelvic Health Specialty Training) about an overview of inner ear (vestibular system) related dizziness conditions that are commonly seen.

Jul 20, 2020

In this new podcast format in which questions may be submitted for answer the first question is asking about toe/foot pain in people with Parkinson's Disease so to better answer this question I read verbatim about this from an article on Dystonia from the Parkinson's Foundation Website which can be found here. Be sure...

Jul 19, 2020

Today I dive more into the question of whether certifications matter when choosing a physical therapist and the short answer is it depends. 


Clinical Specialty Websites to Find Clinicians Certified in Specialty Areas

Klose Training Therapist Directory for Lymphedema

PORi Find an Oncology Rehabilitation Therapist

Jul 19, 2020

Brandon chats with Vince Gutierrez (Physical Therapist in IL with passion for treating spinal pain as well as special interest in ethics in rehabilitation) about an overview of what high and low quality conservative musculoskeletal pain care looks like. Vince discusses the multiple factors involved in healthcare that...

Jul 11, 2020

Brandon chats with Helena Esmonde (Vestibular trained Physical Therapist) about an overview of concussion rehabilitation touching base on signs/symptoms as well as how concussions are managed with conservative care.

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CDC on Concussions